only sank in 18〓 three-pointers
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st period. He a■lso grabbed eight re●bounds and dishe〓d out

in t■he previous


seven○ assists.Guan〓gdong opened the ma〓tch with an 11-2 ru●n and force〓d Shenzhen to c●all a timeou○t when the〓 match started f●or less than fou○r minutes. Pargo t●hen stood ou●t and took control ■of the match. He■ scored 18 of Shen○zhen's 26 points ●in the remai〓nder of the firs◆t q


two matc●hes but their sho?/h2> img_2

uarter.■ He Zhongmian also○ added two three〓-pointers t◆o help Shenzhen ○tie the scor〓e at 28-28 af■ter the first● period.Shenzhen●'s shooters● continued the●ir hot-handed perfo〓rmance in 〓the second quarter.● They made i〓n five thre●e-pointers in● that period w●hile their ●opponents ○only had t●hree for the enti■re first half. Sh●enzhen headed in■to the sec○ond half w■ith a two-point ○lead.Shenzhen pul●led away wi○th a 16-2 run in t◆he beginning of ■the third qua◆rter, before Guan○gdong cut the g〓ap to only fi●ve points w●ith five minutes to ◆the end of t●he match.Zhou Pe■ng then committe●d his fifth personal■ foul and t○he


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餺inters w


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he◆nzhen city

n a technical■ foul, which not o●nly sent h○imself off the co■urt but als●o Shenzhen's Gu

. The■ guar

Quan○ to free-throw line●. Gu made in a〓ll three throws and ●enlarged Shenzhen'○s lead to ten poi■nts again. ■Guangdong fail■ed to score● any point in t●he last three mi●nutes.Pargo le〓d Shenzhen with● 33 while Gu Quan he◆lped with 20.

e in the f〓ir


M●eng Duo and H●e Zhong

mian had 18 a●nd 12 respectively.○ Maciej Lampe○ added 17 and ei○ght rebounds."We ■played good defe■nse tonight. Ever●yone on the court tr?/p> view

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